We offer individual consultation services to support your Enneagram journey, no matter where you are on that path. These include, but are not limited to:

Assistance with determining your type, wing, instinctual variant, etc.

Finding your Enneagram type and all the variants that influence it can be challenging and take time, attention and self-observation. If you find yourself in need of some guidance, we’re here to help! We don’t like to “nail down” your type because this is a journey of getting to know yourself that we wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of. However, we can assist with interpreting Enneagram test results, offer insights on the fundamental differences between similar types, clarify what to look for in your self-observations and offer feedback on corresponding elements we see in you.

Relationship Coaching

While there is no magic combination of types that’s going to work better than any other, the Enneagram can offer profound insights into any combination’s strengths and potential weaknesses. Knowing the terrain can help you better appreciate your partner and what he or she brings to the relationship as well as strengthen the bond that is already there. We will offer guidance on conflict resolution and help you deeply understand your partner’s perspective.

Career Coaching

Do you have a co-worker or boss you wish to understand better? Do you keep running into the same conflicts or obstacles over and over again? The Enneagram can help demystify interpersonal dynamics as well as identify how your own habits and assumptions keep you from achieving your goals.

Creativity Coaching

Everyone’s creative whether their vocation is art, entrepreneurship, teaching, ministry, homemaking, or virtually any other walk of life. The Enneagram can help identify where you get tripped up and block your own creative capacity. Understanding this allows you to open up to more freedom of expression that you can channel into your profession, relationships, parenting, etc. In addition to these insights, we also offer practices you can take into your daily life to help keep your creative channels open.